thestarsamurai (thestarsamurai) wrote in 17chromium,

//news 01; new layout!

Actually it's the first layout for this journal. I didn't consider the premade layouts to be...past versions.

Decided to go back to the old style - hahaha. Makes me feel all nostalgic and stuff.

ANYWAYS. I'll be putting up a resources / affliates post. I'm going to try and find some affiliates to get more people to see my icons. And hopefully have some people ask me to be their affliate.

I have two more icon posts up my sleeve. I'll be posting one of them today, which is a Lady GaGa post - the first in this journal, yay! She is so fascinating and cool and badass all in one package. So this will be the first of many - I hope! The 2nd post is about Janelle Monae and deserves as much attention as Lady GaGa. She is absolutely brilliant and adorable and funky and badass - all in one! I've felt a desperate need to make icons of her. So yeah.

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